Men and boys: Sports clothes for play and services. A shirt and tie for Friday night banquet.

Women and girls: Dress code according to your church's standards. A nice dress for Friday night Banquet. Please do not wear short shorts!

Everyone: Bedding, towels, soap, personal items, writing material and Bibles. (The nights are cold so bring a warm sleeping bag or warm blankets and your pillow.) Also a jacket. You will need money for cowboy cookouts, horse rides, snacks and souvenirs.

Note A: Indicate on registration card any medical allergies. Diabetics and others on special diets may need to bring your own food if you think you will need something other than our regular meals.
Note B: NO SMOKING, DRINKING OR USING OF DRUGS ON CAMPGROUNDS BY CAMPERS OR VISITORS. Failure to abide by all camp rules means immediate dismissal from camp and personal responsibility for your own transportation.
NO radios, cassette or CD players or tapes or CD's. Please mark all personal items that you bring, clothes, balls, gloves and other sports equipment.
Note C: We have a swimming pool, please NO two piece swimming suits. Bring a robe to wear to and from the pool.